The Sinulog Festival Cebu City 2015.


We set out on Sunday on a tricycle to the Jeepney station in Danao to get the Jeepney to Cebu City for the Festival. I hate Jeepneys I always bang my head on the roof when I get on or off. They are not made for people of my high from Europe. I do enjoy the ride on them. It was the third Sunday in Janurary and the Final day of Sinulog Festival and a time to celebrate and honour Santo Nino. I knew we were in for a treat and a very good day. As we arrived in Cubu there were Crowds of people, they were heading to the Basilica for the mass. The road leading to the Basilica was packed with people. The closer you got to the Basicila the the less room you had and the more people there was. I was told that people come here from all over the Philippines for this very important day here. I think they were all here today.We tried to get to the Basilica and go inside but that didn’t happen the nearest we got was to about twenty metres away. They had a Video on a flat screen outside with the mass on it. People were releasing balloons into the sky with there intentions tied in a string and attached to the balloon. After the mass was over we left the street outside the Basilica and headed towards the town, We were invited to a birthday party so we set out for that. There were some horse drawn taxis so we got one to our destination. It was my first time on a horse drawn taxi and a pleasant journey. When we got there we walked through some back alleys to the home of the lady who’s birthday it was. I was happy that I wasn’t alone as these alley ways looked intimidating. There was a whole Roast Big on the table with Adobo, Curry’s, Rice and Noodles and lots more food and desserts too. The Filipino’s love there food and always have lots of it at parties. After we had food I went outside to there little garden and sat with my friends. We talked for a few hours as we drank some Red Horse beer. In the time I spent in the Philippines I got to like Red Horse. Later we headed to the Parade in a taxi. There was more people there lining the streets. When the Parade started It reminded me of our own Saint Patrick’s day Parade Back in Dublin my city. The Parade was spectacular with some colourful floats and bands and dancers in wonderful costumes. I see Miss Universe on one of the floats. When the Parade finished we went to get a taxi to SM City where the Fireworks Display was to be staged. After come food in a fast food restaurant. We went outside and got a seat on the ground before it was too crowded. The car park filled up very fast with people wishing to see the Firework display. The display started with a bang and a very good display it was too. It was the best Firework display I have ever seen. Wow I loved it. I took lots of pictures of it but I lost my camera and the pictures. I really enjoyed my day at Sinalog in 2015. I hope I get a chance to see it again. We headed back to Danao in a taxi after enjoying the day.


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