The First Day I Met Her

I don’t know who has tried online dating before. If you have this is for you. Over a year ago I decided to try online dating. I tried a few dating sites. I was on Facebook one day and I  see advertisement for online dating lovely Asian ladies. I decided to check it out. It was a dating site for western men to meet ladies from the Philippines. I joined and chatted to some of the ladies on the site. most of the ladies on the site were genuine but there were some who just wanted to scam you for all they could get from you, all your money, I learned quickly hehehe. Continue reading “The First Day I Met Her”

Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Gerard. I am a Engineering Technician. Well I was until I lost my job due to the recession a few years ago. I love to travel and I always wanted to write too. I have tried a few times to write a novel. I worked out the plot and created the people and there personalities, wrote some chapters and stopped. I know I should have kept going with this. Maybe I will try again. I have a passion for travelling going to countries that are totally different from my country. I am interested in the culture of different countries and its people.I also try and understand why they do things differently to us. Continue reading “Who am I ?”

The Whale Sharks at Oslob.


We got the 11.00 flight from Manila to Cebu. I was with my friend Anna. She was French and a biologist. We were on our way to Oslob on the south of Cebu island. We had decided to go and see the Whale Sharks. Our flight was 20 minutes late taking off so we got into Cebu airport at 12.35. As we were staying overnight in Cebu, I booked into the Bay Front Hotel in Cebu. The hotel was very near the SM City mall. A very new hotel with very good service. We got a taxi to the hotel and checked in Continue reading “The Whale Sharks at Oslob.”

The Sinulog Festival Cebu City 2015.


We set out on Sunday on a tricycle to the Jeepney station in Danao to get the Jeepney to Cebu City for the Festival. I hate Jeepneys I always bang my head on the roof when I get on or off. They are not made for people of my high from Europe. I do enjoy the ride on them. It was the third Sunday in Janurary and the Final day of Sinulog Festival and a time to celebrate and honour Santo Nino. I knew we were in for a treat and a very good day. As we arrived in Cubu there were Crowds of people, they were heading to the Basilica for the mass. The road leading to the Basilica was packed with people. Continue reading “The Sinulog Festival Cebu City 2015.”

2014 was a good year for me.

Hi.My name is Gerard Kelly. This is my first blog on Word Press. But it is not my first blog. I live in Dublin City. Ireland. in an area called The Ranch. I have lived there for three years. I am an engineering technician. Last year 2014 was a good year for me. and I travelled to Middle East to Qatar. I stayed in a hotel called the Wyndham Grand Regency in doha for the first two weeks and then I rented a villa there. after twelve weeks there I travelled onto The Philippines. stayed firstly in Davao on the Island of Mindanao. Makati in Manila and then the City of Cebu. Continue reading “2014 was a good year for me.”